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Life is unpredictable. It's prudent to prepare for the unexpected. Our policy is to make sure you have the right kind of protection.

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Insurance is your shelter when life gets stormy.

It goes without saying that we hope you're never involved in a car crash. Or that your Michigan home is never damaged by fire or severe weather. But we can't make any guarantees. No one can. Arbor Financial Credit Union can, however, help you minimize the financial impact in times of crisis with discounted policies sold through our TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program, and it's only for credit union members like you!


Here's how you'll be protected by the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program:

  • Discounted rates exclusively for credit union members like you!
  • Save on both auto and homeowners insurance
  • Access to carefully selected insurance companies
  • Easy to make the switch from your current insurer
  • Get free quotes by calling 1.855.483.2149


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